Xi’an Lijun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is a foreign-owned pharmaceutical enterprised which reformed from Xi’an Rejoy Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Its predecessor-Xi’an Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was founded in the Revolutionary Holy Land Yan’an in 1938 which has nearly 70 years pharmaceutical history, two generations of China leader-Mao Zedong and Jiang Zemin personally inscribed for enterprise. It has more than 850 million Yuan of assets and more than 2000 employees,almost half of them are professional technicians,new type preparation,bulk rug,modern chinese traditional medicine and top grade health care product etc are main areas of operation.Lijun International as wholly-owned shareholder of Xi’an Lijun, Registered in British Cayman Islands......  
    The Company mainly produces six types of APIs,of which: the annual output of Erythromycin is 220 tons,and it is the first approved bV US FDA In China; the annual output of Erythromycin Ethylsuccinate is 300 tons,and the output ranks the first in China;the annual output of Tetracycline Hydrochloride is 300 tons,and it has been exported to US market for 21 consecutive years;it is the first company to develop and produce Erythromycin Phosphate in China,and got approval of US FDA in 2007. APls such as Calcium Dobesilate and Urapidil which have been developed in recent years are gradually taking shape. With more than 500 production permit licenses for preparations,it is one of the enterprises with miscellaneous varieties in Chinese pharmaceutical industry.
    At present, it has developed prescription drugs relying upon Erythromycin Ethylsuccinate Tablets, Azithromycin Lyophilized Powder ln]etions, PP plasticbottle and non-PVC soft-bag infusions, base medicines relying upon generic drugs, APls and gIass-bottle infusions, high-quality health products relying upon Lijun Calcium, ShengTai, LingZhiHong and AiXin Oral Liquids, modern Chinese patent medicines relying upon KangNaoShuai Capsules, ShanHe Oral Liquids, Milkvetch Seed and MiaoJi Pjlls, and OTC products relying upon JuBei ZhiKe OuTan Tablets, and VC Effervescent Tablets.

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